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This Saturday, the 18th, was my two-year anniversary of moving to New York. Which I realize to my friends who’ve lived in the city forever or for most of their 20s seems like baby time, but it’s longer than I might have expected. I used the occasion as an excuse to go out, and going out leads to lots of coordination texts and sweaty, blurry pictures with a smorgasbord of lady friends.

It was a full weekend. Friday, I went to a sleepover at a friend’s (throwback). Saturday, headed to our neighborhood pizza place, Barboncino, which has shot up in popularity in the last two years. We waited two hours for a table, which was a first for the restaurant but sadly not for New York, and had flippant conversation with the host (me: “Just checking on our table status? We’ve been waiting an hour and a half.” Host: “Well, the table before you waited two hours, so.” Me: “Well….ok.”) before fiiinally getting seated. After, we went to the Back Room and Piano’s in the LES (word to the wise: I don’t recommend Piano’s for dancing). Sunday, I got coffee with an old friend for a few hours in the Village, and later that night a smaller group of my friends got gussied up to crash a wedding. Yeah. It was a party called Bushwick Ginger Social Wedding Crashers, set in a Bushwick warehouse bar. It’s an annual event, although what part of it is annual isn’t clear to me. An actual couple had gotten married earlier in the day (think: “Rachel Getting Married” with lots of white girls in saris). They invited strangers to the bar to crash their wedding. We paid a cover and then mingled with a group of people, half of whom had attended a wedding and half who hadn’t. The sound system was good, and all the men were bearded and man-bunned and wore really nice suits but they didn’t seem to have a sense of humor and just hovered at the bar. Probably worried they’d wrinkle their jackets or spill whiskey on their dress shoes. We danced for a couple hours — hipster dancing. The kind where you only move your upper body back and forth in a jerky see-saw fashion, but what you REALLY want to do is get low but you can’t because no one else is. Unless you’re me and you do it anyway. Eventually, Eliza and I flopped on the couch and looked at Tinder.

That’s a New York night for ya. And yet, somehow between paying a cover, buying three drinks and taking a cab home, you end up spending $60. Wonder of wonders. Trying to make good on my resolution to go out more, even if it’s killing my wallet. Speaking of which, just booked tickets to Sleep No More.


In case anyone was wondering how I rang in the New Year…

Parents’ couch.


To open: I’m sorry.

I apologize (and also on behalf of us pgl girls) at how little we’ve posted this past year. 2013 was the year of falling off the boat. Don’t worry. You probably haven’t missed me/us very much, but I miss me. I miss writing and blogging. People keep endorsing me for my “blogging” skills on LinkedIn, and I think — what blogging skills?? When was the last time I blogged? Or wrote an article? Real talk:

You graduate. You move to a big city like New York and you tell yourself, and your parents, and your college advisors, that you will go and get a job that you like or a job that pays the bills and then in your spare time, you’ll work on the thing that you really moved to the city to do. I don’t know what you imagine — that you’ll have more time in your day than Beyonce? That once you leave work at 7 or 8 p.m. (or 10 p.m., in my case), you’ll have another 15 hours worth of energy to write about your feelings and your fabulous life, to get drinks with friends, to go to the gym and grocery shop? You don’t. There isn’t that time. You leave work, you get drinks or you don’t, MAYBE you go to the gym once a month, then — as BuzzFeed lists about “20 Things You Do in Your 20s” so endearingly love to remind you — you’ll put on your yoga pants and watch Netflix. Yoga pants (or glass of vino) + Netflix (“Girls,” “Breaking Bad,” your pick). [Comfortable item] + [TV show to binge-watch]. That seems to be the postgrad formula. Thanks, Internet. Thanks, real life. Why are we settling into this? Why are we accepting this formula?

I don’t know, but it’s happening. A slow recession. I give major props to the people who leave work, head to an improv class, a writer’s workshop, a spin class, whatever it is they’re doing that I’m not. Because not doing it…well, it’s shitty. I know I could say it’s a side effect of city living, of growing older, but it’s also me, and this huge cloud of ambivalence that floats above my head at all times.

So, it’s a new year. And I failed in the last year to entertain or at least to be honest. I stopped checking pgl to see if my friends had posted from their faraway places. I got complacent. I’m sorry for that. How to get out of the mess? We’re turning 25 this year (Tas is already). 30 is not taking its time. I should…go date. Go travel. Go to shows. Go actually write the essay I’ve been working on that sounds a touch like this post. Angst, angst, angst.

On a brighter note, I booked tickets to visit Tas in Istanbul in May, right in time for my 25th birthday. That’s a start, right?


Director Evan Jackson Leong is Linsanity’s Biggest Champion

I interviewed this filmmaker, Evan Jackson Leong, about his documentary, “Linsanity,” which went to Sundance this year and is hitting theaters around… now! It’s about New York Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame. Check out the article, which is in Mochi Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue.


In case you were wondering what I do with my life… I hang out with lots of girls and drink craft beer and sleep and tweet for @ColbertReport. Pretty much it. I’ll post some pics.

15 Things That Are Still Good to Eat After They Expire

Nope, not an update on our lives or anything, but some NEED TO KNOW information. Click the link for details on how long past expiration/sell by dates to use these things.

I’m always having a struggle with the milk and yogurt in my fridge.


My parents text me at work. 


My parents text me at work.


Anonymous asked: Why you no update?

ohmgosh we are so DEAD. online, that is.

Update to come soon, fingers crossed! So many changes and feelings and events big and small and ahhaofjoamfaw;


pgl: despite being a few hours apart, deciding you and your good friend should meet up for a weekend a “year or two from now” depending on when she finishes grad school. since grad school is the BIGGEST TIME SUCK ever.

-Malia *cough CKB*

fallmost [n]: the time of year when summer transitions into fall and leaves change, pumpkin spice lattes pop up on menus & you can’t escape the feeling that you should be in class right now.


p.s. trying to make #fallmost happen. help a girl out?