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So a couple weeks ago, someone wrote in and asked for a tutorial of the photo book I made for one of my grad school applications.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Card stock, rubber cement, ruler, xacto knife.

Here’s what you do:
• Pick 10 (or any even #) photos & lay them out in your chosen order. I sized my photos to 5x5in. The cover photo will be paired with the 1st interior photo. The spreads you print out will NOT be the facing pages. Also create the binders to the size/color of your choice. I did 1in across with a tapered edge. 

• Use the xacto knife and cut out the excess white space. You will have 1 strip with 2 images. Score & fold at the seam. Cut out the binding pieces and attach image 2 to image 3. (For the front and back cover, you’ll glue the 1st photo to the back of the 2nd & bind all 3 together with 1 binding strip)

• Repeat until all images are attached to form an accordion booklet.



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