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Anonymous asked: How does one double major or minor in something? I'm worried that my major (Art History) won't be enough to get me through life, and I have no idea how to minor/double major. I'm going to be a freshman and I'm worried. Did any of you do this? If so, is it hard to do this? Is it expensive? Help >.<

And btw, I like your blog. As for that anon the other day, I find it helpful and it makes me feel better to know you guys are having fun while trying to achieve your goals because then I don't feel that worried over my postgrad life. Life shouldn't be taken too seriously; have fun while you can! :)

The guidelines for curricula vary by university, but most places require that you have a minor or a cognate. Not always, but it’s common. 

Here’s what you should do. When you meet with your adviser at freshman orientation talk to them about your decision to take on a minor/extra major. If you don’t meet with an adviser at orientation, schedule an appointment with one (in your department) for around the start of school.

Having a minor is definitely important in my opinion. While it doesn’t mean much to have it on your diploma (employers aren’t really going to care—unless maybe it’s a language), it’ll force you to take classes outside of your major and beyond general education requirements. And it gives your more expertise in a subject that could support your major.

I was a Journalism major and I minored in Islamic Studies. Because of my minor I got to study abroad in Morocco, take classes like Arabic and gain knowledge that gave me a greater edge on my Fulbright application. I hope to write about the Arab world one day.

Double majoring involves a bit more planning, but it’s definitely doable. A lot of our friends double majored—but you have to make sure what you chose as your second major is something important to you. You should want to do it almost as much as you want to study Art History. But if you think you can handle the extra classes, I would encourage you to go for it. The cost to double major can depend on the school. If you have to take more than a certain amount of credit hours in a semester to fit in a double major (our max was 19) then you had to pay extra.

Me studying for my minor in the Sahara. Thanks for the kind words!



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