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You know you’ve hit a low when…

Your landlord tells you that last time he saw you, you were smaller. Now, you’ve ‘gotten bigger’. 

He follows this by saying that it’s okay, because you’re still young enough to bounce back. 

Great. Thanks. 

- Jen

Food For Thought

So, I’m very short on money at the moment (or always?). We’re going to see if I can live off of about $30 worth of groceries for the next two weeks. Wish me luck! I’ll keep a record of my eating habits during these turbulent times and report back if it can be done.

- Jen

Jen sent (snapped? God, I’m old) this to our friend Monica.
This could apply to all of postgrad life.

Jen sent (snapped? God, I’m old) this to our friend Monica.

This could apply to all of postgrad life.


Moving back in with your parents can be hilarious, painful and really useful

A friend posted this on his FB this morning. Think it might apply to some of our followers and friends! Take a glance. Even across the ocean, pgl’ers are all going through the same things.

- Jen

I’ve had my monthly paycheck for about a week, and I’ve already spent well over 1/2 of it. Bills, bills, bills… and toilet paper. #wanttofindamoneytree #adultlife

- Jen

My daily attempts to constantly fight off homesickness:

  • Joined a choir: I’ve missed singing SO much in the past 3ish years that I couldn’t take it anymore. The choir is super laid back and we sing Fleetwood Mac. I can’t really complain.
  • Started a book club: Yea I am that girl. I started a book club at work and it’s awesome. We drink wine, eat cheese, talk books and gossip every month. This past month’s book is Kafka on the Shore by Murakami. Read it.
  • Started Mandolin lessons: I bought the mandolin about a year ago (a YEAR? Shit) and now I’m finally doing something about it. I need to learn how to devote more practice time to the instrument. I get frustrated and put it off, but I know if I was to really learn it I would be so happy. I’ve wanted to do it since I was 8 years old. So, I gotta crack down on that.
  • Stop sleeping: I mean…when else will I have time to do all of this?
  • Be constantly on Skype and social media: My best friends and family are far away from me. I have to do it. It’s still never enough, and I always seem to be having technological difficulties. I suppose it’s better than nothing? How did people function before Skype?
  • Watch comforting comedies late at night and in the mornings: I now constantly keep on comedies that remind me of home and make me feel better 24/7. I like the noise.

I still get homesick ALL THE TIME, but these little things help. London is so big that you can feel quite small at times. It’s nice to be a part of some things.

- Jen

As I sat down to write the post that I meant to write months ago, the song ‘Pick up the Pieces’ by Average White Band came on my radio stream. Man, talk about loaded symbolism. I’ve got your average, white Jen right here! Let’s not even talk about all those broken bits I’ve been dropping around life lately. I’m not going to go on a rampage on how spectacularly I do or don’t have things figured out. I think by now we can all agree that 20-somethings never really have things figured out.  We just go on day by day.  There is nothing wrong with that. I am also not going to spend my time complaining, because most of you would stop reading. All things considered, I am extremely lucky in life. I currently have a job, I live in London and I am in a (mostly :P) functioning relationship. Do I still find things to complain and worry about? Daily. Hourly. That’s just how life goes.  On the surface it looks like I have my life together, but on the inside I always feel like I’m falling apart. This is again another product of my age and our world’s design.

I’m writing mostly to say that moving to far flung places, other countries or big cities does not necessarily mean all your problems are going to be solved. When I say ‘problems’, I used the term liberally because I know it mostly concerns the 1st world type. Regardless, I think all four of us can tell stories revolving around feeling alone, being uncertain about EVERYTHING, suffocating homesickness, etc. Just because I am in London does not mean that life is suddenly a Harry Potter film (I wish…minus the death and stuff). I wanted to make this point before I began writing other posts about by day to day blunders in the UK. It is mostly my fault that in the past my posts have read more like a ‘This is all the awesome stuff I’ve done’ post rather than reality. It’s easy to get caught up in that when you are living in a place quite a ways outside the norm. London is lovely, but at the end of the day, it is just another city and a city that is very far away from almost everyone I love. I still have the same problems that everyone back in South Carolina does. I still am not doing the job I want to be doing, in the field I want to be doing it in. I still don’t have enough money to own a good computer or phone. Once I did finally get a good Smartphone, it broke within a week. This makes life extreme difficult when you have no other way to get in contact with your family across the Atlantic. All of these little things add up and you come to realise that life finds you no matter where you are. Most days, I just want a hug from my mom and for her to tell me it’s going to be alright. I’m looking forward to when Skype can make virtual hugs happen….in the next few hours? Thanks!

I just want to be real with you guys, and I hope you appreciate any future posts that evolve from that.  Keep safe in the blizzard, South Carolina.

Love, Jen

** And the worst of it all is that I’ve started to automatically write ‘z’ as ‘s’ in words. WHAT HAS MY LIFE COME TO?!!!!

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Yep. Just found the hidden security camera in my office room. #sneakedapeek #embarrassing

- Jen

That time you lived so far away from work that you had to get ready for going out in your office. Patiently waited until everyone left and then undressed. Prayed that no one looked up at the large windows you couldn’t close! #bigcitylife #working&attemptingasociallifeishard

- Jen

24 Things You Wish You'd Been Told At 24

Read and feel better about your age!  Don’t be too idealistic but don’t be too hard on yourself either. Learning this currently! 

1. You are pretty. Being 24 makes you pretty by default. Your skin glows, even with acne, and your body fat is kind of adorable.

2. This is the best time in your life to read Proust and Moby Dick and to watch the complete works of Tarkovsky, Godard and Kurosawa. When you are past 28, you realise no one really cares whether you have seen them and you can get away with lying about these things.

3. Never ask a boy why he doesn’t like you. Don’t even think about why he might not be interested if he’s being a flake. Always ask yourself ‘do you like him?’

4. Have a tried and tested way of dealing with hangovers. Sleeping it off is nearly always the best option.

5. Try to get up early every second Saturday.

6. When you kiss someone for the first time, if it doesn’t feel like an orchestra is playing and a rainbow just exploded in the background, then you don’t like them. This rule isn’t always true.

7. In the future, you will dislike or be embarrassed about most of the indie bands you’re listening to right now.

8. Don’t date musicians, or self-described poets.

9. Do not go on diets but eat healthily.

10. You will get your heart broken over and over and over, and it will feel just as bad every time.

11. It is always a good time to travel.

12. Spend time in the countryside when you can.

13. Don’t panic, but it’s a good time to make plans to get out of that monotonous office job with zero prospects and depressed co-workers in their 30s that you thought was a stop-gap after university.

14. Join a union.

15. Have friends who are opinionated, ambitious, informed on current affairs, have reliable dealers, and who dance at parties.

16. Don’t sleep with all your male friends and don’t use friends as transitional boyfriends. That makes it harder to get their honest opinion on your real future boyfriends.

17. Have sex outside at least once.

18. Avoid people who use catchphrases from situation comedies in lieu of personalities and opinions.

19. Go to demonstrations and make good banners which say things like ‘No war, except war on bongos!’

20. Always go after guys who you think are at least one league above you.

21. Cooking involves combining more than three ingredients and two of them should not be salt and pepper.

22. Make sure your rent is only or less than a third of your income.

23. It’s okay to leave parties when you’re bored and it’s okay to cancel dates when you just met him at 3:00 a.m. in the kitchen of some house somewhere and he was kind of annoying but then you got talking and you just felt like you couldn’t not agree to a drink another night, because it’s just a drink, right? Oh, and you made out with him on the front step of the house before pretending you were going home in a different direction.

24. You are not “really really” old, and truthfully, you are going to feel 18, until you’re at least 45.

- Jen